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Jet Boarding


  • Adventure TypeJetskis, waterskis & flyboards
  • Captain IncludedSelf-Guided
  • Cancelation PolicyStrict
  • Age Limit16+
  • Loss Of Rental Income CoverageNo, I don't need loss of rental income coverage
  • Damage CoverageJust The Damage Deposit
  • InsuranceJet Board and Non Motorized Coverage

Adventure Details

Experience the thrill of riding a Jet Board. Think Wakeboard but under your own power. This is meant as a group demo so gather your friends and let’s get together for some Jet boarding. We are based in Westport, ON or Tory Hill, ON (Haliburton area) price is depending on number of people/boards and location. Minimum of 2 hours. Availability is based on our schedule and may not reflect the availability on the calendar. Experience the thrill of literally flying on top of the water powered by 110cc 2 stroke gas engine with a top speeds reaching 58kph. You get about an hour riding time on one tank of gas and 3-4 hours riding time on one charge of the battery. Yes there is a battery for the electric start and it also runs a beige pump. It Takes approximately 1hr to charge the battery. It is normal for the beige pump to go off and on for 5 minutes after the key is removed. Instructions: Set Your stand up by twisting the shorter end which is the top that the board sets on. Install your fins (I just recommend just the main fin and make sure to tighten the fin screw with Allen key). Open up the engine compartment to get ready to dry start it (only for 8 seconds or you risk over heating it). Put the key in once to initiate the beige pump then remove key completely and insert key the second time now the engine will try to start. Press the trigger as it is trying to start and put you hand over the carburetor if you have the the JF08 board to create suction which is choking it if need be. once it starts shut it off immediately. Now it is ready to put in the water. Put key on the same wrist is to whatever foot you are riding on forward as in your front foot. It is very important that the key is firmly fastened to your wrist so that it will not come off. Make sure you know how to shut off/stop the board which is simply pull the key out. If you have any trouble just shake the controller out of your hand, don't try and fight it. Start on your stomach with feet over hanging the back and make sure the nose of the board is out of the water. Insert key, hold on to the handles and you have 5 seconds to hit the trigger or it will shut off and you will have to start the process over again. Spend some time getting use to the throttle and the board just riding on your stomach. Once your comfortable and are going at a steady speed you can start to pull yourself up to your knees. When you try to stand up try and put your back foot in the foot straps first then try and place your front foot in the front foot strap. Foot straps can be easily be switched depending on which way you ride by undoing the bolts with the Allen key. I would suggest for beginners to just remove the foot straps to make it easier to learn. I would also recommend renting the Tube for learning as well. The Tube is an inflatable tube that wraps around the board that adds flotation and stability to the Jet Board. We want you to have fun so make sure to read the rules to avoid down time, costly repairs and extra charges. If you love the Jet board so much you can buy your own from HydroBoards.ca

Rules for this Adventure

Delivery is $50 for drop off and $50 for pick up within 50km of Westport $2/km applies after 50km -Make sure key is firmly on your wrist and will not come off. Make sure you know how to shut it off by pulling out the key. If you have any trouble out on the water just simple shake the controller out of your hand. Do not try and fight it. -Try not to lay/sit/stand on board when not in motion too long or you risk getting water in the exhaust/engine that could result in down time that will not be compensated for and costly repairs ($200 minimum) that you will be charged for. It's meant to be running, in motion up on plain. It is not meant to run under water so try not to nose dive it and keep the snorkel at the front above water. If water gets in the snorkel make sure to drain it. -After use make sure water is drained out of the snorkel, excess water sponged out of engine compartment until completely dried out or you could be charged an additional $30 -board must be charged when returned or there will be $30 Charge -When dry starting the Board (starting out of the water) don't run it any longer then 8 seconds or you could over heat it causing expensive damages you will have to pay for. Because the engine is water cooled -Must where a Canadian Coast Guard Approved PFD -Must have a valid boaters license and sign a waiver as well as valid drivers license. (G2 or G) -Drivers must be 18+years of age. -This watercraft must not operate at night or after sunset -No consumption of alcohol/drugs before or during operation. -No smoking during operation. Smoke at least 5 feet from Jet Board. (Combustibles) -No sucking up ropes or debris i.e. sand, rocks, sticks etc. It can cause costly damages -A reminder that overloading the Jet Board maximum weight capacity 264lbs is prohibited. -KEEP AWAY from anything less than 3 feet of water -Pictures of the Jet Board are taken before each rental. This is to ensure safety and satisfaction. -ONLY USE premium fuel mixed 40:1 with 2 stroke oil. (91 octane or higher)

Damage Deposit

Your payment method will be charged a damage deposit of CAD 500.00 24h prior to your rental. Pending any damages, the damage deposit will be returned 48h post rental. This damage deposit secures the host if the boat is damaged during your rental. The damage deposit must be taken from the same card that the booking was made on. Questions? Contact us by clicking on the blue support button.


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