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Waikiki Whale Watch


  • Captain IncludedExpert-Led
  • Cancelation PolicyModerate

Adventure Details

Embark on a two-hour ocean adventure like never before with our thrilling Waikiki Whale Watching tour departing from Pau Hana Place food venue at the Ala Wai Harbor in Waikiki. Climb aboard our sleek and modern trimaran, where comfort meets excitement on the high seas. As we set sail, the backdrop of Diamond Head provides a stunning setting for the journey, with its iconic silhouette serving as a majestic companion to the humpback whales we're about to encounter. Witness the awe-inspiring beauty of humpback whales in their natural habitat. Our experienced crew and on board naturalists will guide you to the best vantage points, ensuring you see these gentle giants breaching and frolicking in the sparkling Hawaiian waters. The trimaran's spacious deck offers unobstructed views, allowing you to snap photos of these magnificent creatures with Diamond Head in the background. However the action on top of the water isn’t the only exciting part of our tour as half of the action is happening beneath the waves. We've taken whale watching to the next level by including state of the art, cutting-edge hydrophone technology into all of our whale watching tours. Dive into the enchanting world beneath the waves as we listen in on the melodic symphony of whale songs. Our state-of-the-art hydrophone allows you to listen in on the captivating conversations of these marine marvels being amplified through our 1500 watt surround sound stereo system, adding a unique auditory dimension to your whale watching experience. Don't miss the opportunity to experience the magic of whale watching in Hawaii with our two-hour Waikiki Whale Watching tour. Marvel at the beauty of humpback whales in their natural habitat, guided by our experienced crew and naturalists. Enjoy unobstructed views from the spacious deck of our modern trimaran, with Diamond Head providing a stunning backdrop to the majestic whale encounters. Immerse yourself in the underwater world with our cutting-edge hydrophone technology, allowing you to listen to the captivating whale songs amplified through our surround sound stereo system. Book your adventure today for an unforgettable experience on the high seas. - Experience a two-hour ocean adventure with Waikiki Whale Watching - Witness humpback whales breaching and frolicking in their natural habitat - Explore underwater world with state-of-the-art hydrophone technology

Damage Deposit

Your payment method will be charged a damage deposit of USD 0.00 24h prior to your rental. Pending any damages, the damage deposit will be returned 48h post rental. This damage deposit secures the host if the boat is damaged during your rental. The damage deposit must be taken from the same card that the booking was made on. Questions? Contact us by clicking on the blue support button.


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