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WetRentals Community Guidelines

Welcome to WetRentals, your premier destination for exploring and sharing the joy of water adventures worldwide. We connect enthusiasts and novices alike, offering a platform to discuss, discover, and delve into the world of boating and watercraft rentals. Our mission is to cultivate a supportive, engaging, and respectful community where members can share experiences, tips, and their passion for aquatic adventures.

  1. Respect and Courtesy Treat all community members with respect, regardless of their experience level in boating or watercraft. Discrimination, harassment, or any form of disrespect based on race, gender, sexuality, religion, nationality, or any other characteristic will not be tolerated.

  2. Safety First Share safety tips and advice. Our community values the importance of safe boating practices. Posts that encourage unsafe or irresponsible behavior on the water will be removed.

  3. Relevant Sharing Keep posts and discussions related to boating, watercraft rentals, and water-based activities. Share your experiences, questions, and advice on anything from navigating rental processes to the best water routes in specific locations.

  4. No Spam or Unsolicited Promotions Spam and unsolicited promotions detract from the quality of our community. Posts of this nature will be removed. You may share promotions or services related to boating and watercraft rentals in designated areas or with prior approval from the moderation team.

  5. Protecting Privacy Do not share personal information of others without their explicit consent. Be mindful of your own privacy when sharing experiences or advice.

  6. Legal Adherence Ensure any shared content complies with local and international laws, including safety regulations and copyright laws. Promotion of illegal activities is strictly prohibited.

  7. Reporting and Moderation Help us maintain a positive environment by reporting posts or behaviors that violate our guidelines. Our moderation team will review reports and take necessary actions to address issues promptly.

Consequences Violations of these guidelines may result in content removal, temporary suspensions, or, in severe cases, permanent banning from WetRentals.

Changes to Guidelines As our community grows and evolves, so may our guidelines. We will notify members of any significant changes to ensure everyone is informed and aligned with our community standards.

Thank you for being a part of WetRentals! Together, we can create a vibrant and safe community for all water enthusiasts to enjoy and share their love for the aquatic world. Let's make waves together!